How leadership and business success are connected


Business and leadership go hand in hand and for any business person to succeed in their business they should have good leadership skills. Leadership is any behaviour in a relationship that leads to change and more so positive change. Leadership and business success, therefore, can be attained through the 4 leadership styles
and they include; coaching, directing, delegating and supporting. Coaching is a style that involves the employer being able to teach the employees about the work processes. This greatly helps the employees discover their weakness and strengths and how they can improve. Directing means a leader using his experience to tell the employees know the right thing to do. Supporting is also essential for leadership and business success since it instils confidence in the employees so that they can become more productive leading to the success of a business. In the delegating style, the employers provide guidance to the employees in cases where they need help. It also works best for an experienced group of employees who are capable of working at minimal or no supervision.

Leadership and business success

Trust is Critical for Teamwork


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Trust and team work

When my grandfather used to tell that he earned more trust than the money I was unable to understand. I was a kid then and did not know what it meant. But working in a team now I can really understand the importance. This quality can make all the difference to the team. The 4 pillars of trust are the commitment, competence, communication and collaboration. What you will commit to while working on a project is critical to its success. People who complete what they commit to are trusted more and can rise high in ranks. Similarly, healthy competition also builds trustworthiness. Now about communication; What you say at work can make you seem untrustyworthy or trustworthy. Words can make a difference. While collaborating with different people in a team trust is the key factor. It binds the team together, and people take responsibility and work together. It is, in fact, a critical success factor when it comes to working with a team.

5 Tips on Avoiding Stress


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5 tips on how to limit stress

I’ve noticed that in the 21st century there are many of my friends – as well as others – walking around with a smile when in fact they are dealing with stress-related illnesses. I can’t believe how many young people have heart disease and high blood pressure, and they could all use these 5 tips on avoiding stress. I’ve done a bit of research and found that a person’s mental state can actually influence their physical response to infection. Look around you and you’ll see that there are many people walking around with suppressed anger for a host of different reasons, and they’re often sick. I think everyone of us in these restless times could use these simple 5 tips on avoiding stress: deep relaxation, such as yoga and reading; regular exercise, which improves heart function; nutritional supplements to prevent adrenal gland damage; being yourself and stop trying to fit someone else’s picture of you; and last but not the least, taking breaks and going on vacations – we all deserve it. Believe me, you’ll find that you’ll be rewarded with peace of mind.

Car Buying Tips


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Buying a carAfter buying a house, purchasing a vehicle makes the second largest expense in most family budget. As much as most people might do without a car, it is still an investment we should consider.  However, you’ve to be careful when buying a car especially for first time buyers. Car dealers will always use their salesmanship ingenuity to convince you to buy a car even if you have little interest.

What then should you do when buying a car?


Consider your budget.

The moment you walk into a dealership, stick to your budget. You’ll be offered different incentive especially financing plan that sound true and manageable but if you look careful between the fine prints, you’ll be paying way beyond your budget.

Stick to your budget.

Do your homework with patient

As much as a car is a luxury, it is an investment in the long run. Remember you can use it as collateral to secure financing or trade it in for a better model. You need to be patient when researching where and how to buy your car because you’re also investing. Look around, compare prices and pick the best dealer as you remember to stick to your budget.

Opt to negotiate through a phone or mail.

What should take you to a dealership is to test drive or pick up a car you’ve paid for. Do the rest of the negotiating through a phone. Dealers know clients negotiating through phone calls are likely to reject a deal that they don’t like than when they are doing it one on one. That is why negotiations over a phone call gives you a more bargain power as the salesman/women will try to keep you interested in the car. Most often the deal they’ll offer will be to your advantage.

Who is the Antichrist?


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Jesus Christ is our savior and has been saving humanity since long. He came to us and taught us about Love and compassion and the right path. However as per the book of revelations the opposite of Christ – Antichrist is also a reality. The Holy Bible talks about “ The Beast” and ” The false Apostle” . If we take a closer look it is indeed a possibility and Antichrist has actually tried to undo what Christ has established at least two times in History as per the most famous soothsayer Nostradamus. The bible says about 10 identifications of the Antichrist. It is the bible and not history written by men. It actually points various things. The two mentions of the beast and the false apostle together make up the Antichrist. The Bible says that they will come just before the second coming of Jesus and try to wean away the believers.

The people who believe in Jesus will reduce in number. The Antichrist will punish those who believe in Christ. The symbolic meaning of the revelation is coming true. Who is the beast? Well if you take money and wealth it qualifies as the Beast. The people who will be wealthy and worship money instead of virtues that Jesus taught are the false apostles. It is actually happening. Love and compassion are going away and money and selfish motives are taking over the whole world. The people who are true are suffering. This is what The Holy Bible says. Money is powerful and the people holding or riding the beast are indeed propagating that money is greater than god. So folks beware!!!

The Lesson this Month was Learned by my Students


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You’ll remember I am a highs school teacher from the USA who moved here for love, and found it…and have had some fun learning to invest and study the markets in my spare time. So I share those musings with you.

Now, this blog is about lessons I learned from my students.  You see, we can often become blind to the fresh perspectives of our youth.

Let me explain. We got into the topic of how impossible is to save because of everything being so expensive today. One boy said his parents get frantic each month on bills to pay for their boat, summer home, cars, and a lifestyle I’d say was pretty comfortable. Well one easy solution is one I’ve used before is an option to help us out of any bind and that is Ferratum Australia

saving by spending less than you make

So this led us to do some basic finance 101.  If you spend less than you make, no matter how much or how little you earn each year you can have “savings” and if invested well and never tapped into, you can retire and live a great life.

This led to a story by a shy boy in the back of the room.  He told us how his grandfather was a paperboy and saved every penny of those years having his route.  He then become a candy salesmen going door to door in Melbourne and other cities around the world he lived in.  Pretty simple life, eh? Not one to get at, eh?

Wrong.  Upon his death, the man that made his living selling candy by knocking on doors, and delivering newspapers living a very humble life.  Older cars, no fancy clothes, and a meek existence by some standards. To everyone’s dismay, at his funeral and the days following they learned he had a trust for the grandkids worth 1.5 million dollars. A guy many thought was as poor as they come, but a wonderful man.

As it turns out on this day, I learned from my student the magnitude of the lesson I hoped to share with them.  That my friends, is why I teach.

Managing Break Even Point



When you started doing business one of the things you would have considered is Break Even Point. You would want to know when you could take back the invested money in order to make more money.

When you have requested a bank for a loan they would have asked for a forecast. In that forecast they would want to know when your business would break-even. A very common definition of Break-Even is: “The level of sales necessary to cover all variable and fixed expenses and neither make a profit or a loss”.But I believe the definition of Break Even Point (BEP should be “The level of sales necessary to cover all variable and fixed expenses plus an amount of Profit.  What is the use of reaching Break Even Point if you are not making profit? You are not running a charity. So please make sure to add a certain amount that is required. This amount will justify the time and effort that you have put in.

So , by lowering the break even volume that is the number of products you need to sell, actually you can increase the ROI (return on Investment). Break Even volume is calculated by dividing Fixed Cost by the Contribution per unit . Contribution per unit = (revenue – variable costs)/Number of units.

Now the three ways to lower BEP:

  1. Raise Price : raising price will mean more contribution per unit of product and the BEP will be lowered.
  2. Reduce Fixed Costs – Since Fixed cost is the numerator, reducing it will result in lower BEP.
  3. Sell complimentary products – This is another way to increase the contribution leading to reduction in BEP.

How are coral reefs formed?



Coral reef formation

Coral reef formation is a unique natural phenomenon. It is a diverse ecosystem formed under tropical water. The bio-diversity in a coral reef, have given them the name rain forest of the sea. The coral reefs are home to almost one-fourth of the total species living in the sea. Reefs are mostly found near to coast line in the tropics, but deep-sea coral reefs are also found. The most famous is The Great Barrier Reef of Australia.
The formation of a Coral reef

Fringing reefs – The first stage of the formation of a coral reef is the coral larvae attaching themselves to rocks or soil near the coasts. The coasts may be of an island or a continent. The larvae become polyps and excrete calcium carbonate, which forms their exoskeleton. The polyps live only in those waters which have enough sunlight seeping though. They have a symbiotic relation with the microscopic algae Zooxanthellae, which helps them grow. As the y grow they secrete more calcium carbonate. The secreted calcium carbonate sediments on the rocks and provides a substrate for more polyps coming to attach themselves to the formation. As more and more polyps attach to the substrate, a coral reef is formed. Calcareous Algae also add their sediments to the structure. The marine animals and plants also add their own remains to the reef as they die and sink. It strengthens the reef and now it can withstand furious storms. The reefs that are initially formed near the coast are known as fringing reefs. Over a period the calcium carbonate converts into lime stone due to pressure.

Barrier Reef – The fringing reefs slowly combine with each other and form a border line along the coast. The calcium carbonate structures attract more polyps and the spaces are filled up. It forms a line along the coast and a ring around an island. They form beautiful and colorful formations under water. The sunlight coming through helps them grow together. The Great Barrier Reef found on Australian coast is the biggest continuous reef structure in the world.

Atoll – As the coral grows further, it becomes heavy and pushes the sea rocks underneath and come up significantly. More animals are found in an atoll than the earlier stages. Over a million species can live in one square kilometer coral reef.

Immortalize your memories



Often years down the time, moving across the living room of our homes, we come across a nice little souvenir and here comes flashing back to us all the memories of that trip where we had bought this. For sure, a holiday never ends, at least if you wish it. So, when in Australia, trust me, do find out time to go for shopping and add physical evidence to your trip’s memories.


So what are the good placed to Shop in Australia? Let us take the two major cities and dive-in.

Melbourne – Do visit the Queen Victoria markets where you’ll get an assortment of gifts & clothes. Melbourne General Post Office is a shopping arcade in itself offering all the major brands for you. For value lovers, go to the Bridge road in Richmond.

Sydney – The city brings you shopping experiences with a history attached to them. The Queen Victoria building or the magnificent Strand Arcade was built as early as in 1890’s. International designers are up for a grab on Elizabeth and Castlereagh streets. If second-hand bargain excites you, go to Rozelle’s weekend markets. To buy souvenirs in Sydney, pay a visit to The Rocks market where weekends are especially better in terms of sheer scale.

6 Must Eats of Australia



I am really fond of food. The burgers, pizzas and the sushi I like all. But Australia has its own dishes that are amazing. I have tasted all and am putting forward the best.

Pavlova Dish

The famous and delightful Pavlova the Australian marvel

  • Anzac biscuits – These crunchy delicacies have a history. It was made by wives for Australian soldiers during World War I. Made of oats, flour, sugar,coconut and butter they can stay fresh for long and are best for a long hiking trip.
  • Damper – This is the original staple food of Australia. Made from wheat flour, water and salt it is easy to make at home too. It tastes best with tea or sweet rum.
  • Emu – The Emu meat is healthy with no cholesterol and high iron content. It tastes the best when smoked and served cold. Along with beer it can be a delight.
  • Lamingtons – The cake of Australia. It is square-shaped spongy delight. The chocolate icing and the desiccated coconut on top makes it yummy. It is one of the most common snacks with evening tea or coffee.
  • Pavlova – It was made for the first time in honor of the famous russian ballerina Anna Pavlova when she visited Australia. It has crisp crust and soft inside with whipped cream and seasonal fruit as topping. It looks like a crown, and is one of the celebrated dishes.
  • Fantales – Chewy caramel with chocolate coating these are the favorites of children. It is favorite with movies in Australia. Yes it sells more than popcorn in theatres.

This is a small list of my favorites in Australian cuisine. Next time it will be movies.