I am really fond of food. The burgers, pizzas and the sushi I like all. But Australia has its own dishes that are amazing. I have tasted all and am putting forward the best.

Pavlova Dish

The famous and delightful Pavlova the Australian marvel

  • Anzac biscuits – These crunchy delicacies have a history. It was made by wives for Australian soldiers during World War I. Made of oats, flour, sugar,coconut and butter they can stay fresh for long and are best for a long hiking trip.
  • Damper – This is the original staple food of Australia. Made from wheat flour, water and salt it is easy to make at home too. It tastes best with tea or sweet rum.
  • Emu – The Emu meat is healthy with no cholesterol and high iron content. It tastes the best when smoked and served cold. Along with beer it can be a delight.
  • Lamingtons – The cake of Australia. It is square-shaped spongy delight. The chocolate icing and the desiccated coconut on top makes it yummy. It is one of the most common snacks with evening tea or coffee.
  • Pavlova – It was made for the first time in honor of the famous russian ballerina Anna Pavlova when she visited Australia. It has crisp crust and soft inside with whipped cream and seasonal fruit as topping. It looks like a crown, and is one of the celebrated dishes.
  • Fantales – Chewy caramel with chocolate coating these are the favorites of children. It is favorite with movies in Australia. Yes it sells more than popcorn in theatres.

This is a small list of my favorites in Australian cuisine. Next time it will be movies.