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You’ll remember I am a highs school teacher from the USA who moved here for love, and found it…and have had some fun learning to invest and study the markets in my spare time. So I share those musings with you.

Now, this blog is about lessons I learned from my students.  You see, we can often become blind to the fresh perspectives of our youth.

Let me explain. We got into the topic of how impossible is to save because of everything being so expensive today. One boy said his parents get frantic each month on bills to pay for their boat, summer home, cars, and a lifestyle I’d say was pretty comfortable. Well one easy solution is one I’ve used before is an option to help us out of any bind and that is Ferratum Australia

saving by spending less than you make

So this led us to do some basic finance 101.  If you spend less than you make, no matter how much or how little you earn each year you can have “savings” and if invested well and never tapped into, you can retire and live a great life.

This led to a story by a shy boy in the back of the room.  He told us how his grandfather was a paperboy and saved every penny of those years having his route.  He then become a candy salesmen going door to door in Melbourne and other cities around the world he lived in.  Pretty simple life, eh? Not one to get at, eh?

Wrong.  Upon his death, the man that made his living selling candy by knocking on doors, and delivering newspapers living a very humble life.  Older cars, no fancy clothes, and a meek existence by some standards. To everyone’s dismay, at his funeral and the days following they learned he had a trust for the grandkids worth 1.5 million dollars. A guy many thought was as poor as they come, but a wonderful man.

As it turns out on this day, I learned from my student the magnitude of the lesson I hoped to share with them.  That my friends, is why I teach.