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Jesus Christ is our savior and has been saving humanity since long. He came to us and taught us about Love and compassion and the right path. However as per the book of revelations the opposite of Christ – Antichrist is also a reality. The Holy Bible talks about “ The Beast” and ” The false Apostle” . If we take a closer look it is indeed a possibility and Antichrist has actually tried to undo what Christ has established at least two times in History as per the most famous soothsayer Nostradamus. The bible says about 10 identifications of the Antichrist. It is the bible and not history written by men. It actually points various things. The two mentions of the beast and the false apostle together make up the Antichrist. The Bible says that they will come just before the second coming of Jesus and try to wean away the believers.

The people who believe in Jesus will reduce in number. The Antichrist will punish those who believe in Christ. The symbolic meaning of the revelation is coming true. Who is the beast? Well if you take money and wealth it qualifies as the Beast. The people who will be wealthy and worship money instead of virtues that Jesus taught are the false apostles. It is actually happening. Love and compassion are going away and money and selfish motives are taking over the whole world. The people who are true are suffering. This is what The Holy Bible says. Money is powerful and the people holding or riding the beast are indeed propagating that money is greater than god. So folks beware!!!