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Buying a carAfter buying a house, purchasing a vehicle makes the second largest expense in most family budget. As much as most people might do without a car, it is still an investment we should consider.  However, you’ve to be careful when buying a car especially for first time buyers. Car dealers will always use their salesmanship ingenuity to convince you to buy a car even if you have little interest.

What then should you do when buying a car?


Consider your budget.

The moment you walk into a dealership, stick to your budget. You’ll be offered different incentive especially financing plan that sound true and manageable but if you look careful between the fine prints, you’ll be paying way beyond your budget.

Stick to your budget.

Do your homework with patient

As much as a car is a luxury, it is an investment in the long run. Remember you can use it as collateral to secure financing or trade it in for a better model. You need to be patient when researching where and how to buy your car because you’re also investing. Look around, compare prices and pick the best dealer as you remember to stick to your budget.

Opt to negotiate through a phone or mail.

What should take you to a dealership is to test drive or pick up a car you’ve paid for. Do the rest of the negotiating through a phone. Dealers know clients negotiating through phone calls are likely to reject a deal that they don’t like than when they are doing it one on one. That is why negotiations over a phone call gives you a more bargain power as the salesman/women will try to keep you interested in the car. Most often the deal they’ll offer will be to your advantage.