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5 tips on how to limit stress

I’ve noticed that in the 21st century there are many of my friends – as well as others – walking around with a smile when in fact they are dealing with stress-related illnesses. I can’t believe how many young people have heart disease and high blood pressure, and they could all use these 5 tips on avoiding stress. I’ve done a bit of research and found that a person’s mental state can actually influence their physical response to infection. Look around you and you’ll see that there are many people walking around with suppressed anger for a host of different reasons, and they’re often sick. I think everyone of us in these restless times could use these simple 5 tips on avoiding stress: deep relaxation, such as yoga and reading; regular exercise, which improves heart function; nutritional supplements to prevent adrenal gland damage; being yourself and stop trying to fit someone else’s picture of you; and last but not the least, taking breaks and going on vacations – we all deserve it. Believe me, you’ll find that you’ll be rewarded with peace of mind.