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Trust and team work

When my grandfather used to tell that he earned more trust than the money I was unable to understand. I was a kid then and did not know what it meant. But working in a team now I can really understand the importance. This quality can make all the difference to the team. The 4 pillars of trust are the commitment, competence, communication and collaboration. What you will commit to while working on a project is critical to its success. People who complete what they commit to are trusted more and can rise high in ranks. Similarly, healthy competition also builds trustworthiness. Now about communication; What you say at work can make you seem untrustyworthy or trustworthy. Words can make a difference. While collaborating with different people in a team trust is the key factor. It binds the team together, and people take responsibility and work together. It is, in fact, a critical success factor when it comes to working with a team.