Business and leadership go hand in hand and for any business person to succeed in their business they should have good leadership skills. Leadership is any behaviour in a relationship that leads to change and more so positive change. Leadership and business success, therefore, can be attained through the 4 leadership styles
and they include; coaching, directing, delegating and supporting. Coaching is a style that involves the employer being able to teach the employees about the work processes. This greatly helps the employees discover their weakness and strengths and how they can improve. Directing means a leader using his experience to tell the employees know the right thing to do. Supporting is also essential for leadership and business success since it instils confidence in the employees so that they can become more productive leading to the success of a business. In the delegating style, the employers provide guidance to the employees in cases where they need help. It also works best for an experienced group of employees who are capable of working at minimal or no supervision.

Leadership and business success