About Me

I am a high school psychology teacher by day, and lean to more philosophical musings by night.

After spending my childhood and undergraduate years studying in the heartland of America, I took off for Australia to search for both a soul mate, and the deeper meaning of life itself.

What I found was far more than I had ever hoped to find. Yes, I found love, intense soul baring love. And I Found My Way Back Into Nature through the beautiful outback, the amazing creatures, and open sea That allows anyone willing to strip, to hear the whispers of something much deeper going on than our tiny existence and ego can allow us to fathom.

Yep, I am very complex, but definitely found a deep appreciation into experiencing all that life HAS to sacrifice.

I love to watch movies with my wife, explore new culinary ideas, go out to hear some acoustic music in town, play with our kids, and end my days with blog writing about Things That seem to be on my mind.

Come join the ride!


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