5 Must Visit Places in Australia



While working, we generally miss the fun which is around us. There are many things around us which escape our attention. If you have not done these things while living in Australia, trust me you are missing something.


Here is a list of must visit places if you are living here. Tourists pay lots of money for them.

  • Scaling The Sydney Harbor Bridge – The 134 meter climb is just like climbing a mountain. When you reach the top the view is awesome. The Sydney harbor, opera house and the city look spectacular from above.
  • Sunset and Sunrise at Ayers Rock – The huge red sandstone structure at center of Australia is sight to behold. It is a world heritage site and sacred place of the Aboriginals. The best part is the sunrise and the sunset. The hues and colors present at sunrise and sunset will take your breath away.
  • Swimming with Dolphins – The best place to swim with the dolphins is the shallow beaches of Monkey Mia. A 24 hour drive from Perth takes you to this small quiet town in Western Australia. Relax at the beach, and wait for the intelligent Dolphins.
  • The Great Ocean Road – No it is not a road. These are the most famous Twelve Apostles rock formation and the water between them. Just take a ride on available helicopters and soak in the beauty.
  • The Great Barrier Reef – The most unique eco system of the world is the biggest structure build by living things. Amazing isn’t it. You can go snorkeling and see the colors at the bottom of the ocean.

Sustainable Paradox – Cheap Petrol


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Cheap Petrol is coming our way?

Hoping to reduce my carbon footprint, I take the extra time to recycle all my goods, think about how much food I waste, and recently was studying the trends I saw in the shift to more environmentally friendly automobiles.

Back when petrol was running well over $1.45 per litre, and my family was traveling all around in a typical full size car; I made a commitment to get us in something not just more efficient for our monthly budget, but a vehicle that would do a little less harm to the planet.

Tesla has led the way with a new consumer audience of socially conscious people, and has shown impressive numbers for both investors and end users of their amazing battery powered line of cars.

With the recent free fall of oil prices, the shift in consciousness appears to be changing.  Tesla stocks took a fall, as the oil prices looked to reach levels they haven’t seen since 2009.

Now as our family started to seriously consider a hybrid vehicle, the murmurs of gas prices maybe falling below $1.30 a litre has us rethinking our plans.

This is what I call a sustainable paradox.  We’ve wanted to see our oil prices fall, and help people save money on their own bottom line of the household budget…but we’ve also wanted to see the pull away from big oil to more environmentally friendly vehicles during a critical time in our planets ecological history.

So for today, I will watch the news and keep my pulse tied to the falling gas prices and new insights into sustainable technology.

Black Friday Madness – Australian Style


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Is there an Olympic sport yet that embodies the madness of what we call Black Friday? If not, there should be!

I have prided myself for years, on never partaking in this American tradition that has slowly inched it’s way over to Australia in the last few years.  Inched over? Let me say trampled over. Literally. Oh wait, that’s the UK! Us Aussie’s have some of our social etiquette still in place.  Er, some of it.

Growing up in the U.S, and spending some part time work as a student in retail, I came to understand and almost appreciate this…dare I say sport.

Who doesn’t want a half price TV, or a $20 stainless steel trash can for your office?

Come on, we all get sucked in at times by these targeted items they plaster in the circulars and email ads.

But on the other side of these “good deals” is pure and utter insanity. I’m so glad that in Australia we are gaining advantages of the great deals because of American retailers now shipping to us! That means incredible values WITHOUT THE TRAMPLING. A win win, eh mate?

Little did I know, I would witness the darker parts of this economic boomblack friday shopping an American tradition.  If you have a television, you have no doubt seen highlight reels of people trampling over each other from the United States, to the UK, and what soon may be Melbourne, Australia for the sight of that item being sold for pennies on the dollar.

But to be in the middle of those crowd surges, and to see the pushes and hear the groans, is something else entirely.

It’s ugly. Really ugly.

So ugly I am typing this bitter blog on my new laptop that was 50% off that arrived via Amazon just today. And I’m sipping hot tea from a beautiful set of  mugs we got for next to nothing in the same order.

Okay, so I was able to avoid the  the dark side of humanity for some killer deals and never had to leave my home.  Can you blame me?